Yavneh, the Orthodox Organization at Princeton

Yavneh is the Orthodox Jewish group on campus, committed to Torah, Judaism and Jewish practice, the university, education, friendship, and open discussion. Yavneh students and community members span the Orthodox spectrum, and at the same time are very much integrated into the larger Jewish community. Yavneh holds three daily minyanim and various learning programs, and runs many social events such as study breaks, guest speakers, and holiday programs.

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Orthodox Life at Princeton

With an Orthodox student population of about 60 undergraduates, Princeton has a warm, inviting, and close-knit community that is fully integrated into the broader Jewish and university communities.

About the Center for Jewish Life/Hillel at Princeton

The Center for Jewish Life/Hillel at Princeton University is the central source for all things Jewish at Princeton. The Center for Jewish Life (or CJL) believes in creating a community where all students, faculty, staff and even the larger community can come together to take part in the rich tapestry of Jewish Life at Princeton. It is located in the center of campus, 70 Washington Rd. The Center for Jewish Life building is owned and maintained by Princeton University through the Office of Religious Life in order to serve the Jewish needs of the Princeton University community. The University also runs the kosher dining hall. The building houses two auditoriums which are also used for prayer services, lectures, and other events, a kosher dining hall, library, Beit Midrash, computer cluster, lounge, offices, pool room and TV lounge. The building is handicapped accessible. Outside groups wishing to use the space are referred to Conference and Event Services.


Between 100 and 150 students attend Friday night dinner each week at the Center for Jewish Life. Following dinner, students usually remain in the building well into the evening. There are occasional Tisches on Friday nights, and there is usually an informal Oneg hosted in a student’s residence hall.


As is true of Princeton students in general, all students live in the residential colleges all for all four years.

Kosher Dining

Kosher food is served three meals a day in the CJL Dinning Hall, which is operated by university dining services and supervised by the Orthodox Union. The Kosher Dining Hall is open to all Princeton students and is part of the university’s meal plan.

Find out more information on the CJL website.

Students Speak

“OU-JLIC is a really important presence on the Princeton campus, not just because of the educational programming the program provides, but also because of how hard it works to help students realize their own communal and personal goals, whether by meeting regularly with the student leadership of the Orthodox community to plan, by attending and supporting the student-run mishmar program, by assisting us with programs we want to start (for instance, a new student group called “Kehillah” aimed at involving more upperclassmen in Jewish life), or by scheduling time to talk with students and to learn b’chavruta. With shiurim and one-on-one chavrutot, OU-JLIC brings an atmosphere of Torah to the Princeton campus and help us all to add an infusion of Jewish learning into our schedules.”- Zehava Stadler

“OU-JLIC makes Princeton into a home for me. On a rather anonymous college campus, it is wonderful to have OU-JLIC care for both my spiritual and personal well-being. I particularly appreciate the educators’ desire to conduct classes on topics that the students suggest, and have gained from such classes. I learn from the words of Torah that they speak, as well as the way that they live Torah.”-Miriam Rosenbaum