Rabbi Azriel (Azi) Horvitch is the Rav Beit Midrash at Yeshivat Ohr Torah Stone Machanayim. He has received practical training for rabbis, educators and spiritual leaders from the Straus-Amiel Institute of Ohr Torah Stone. He is also finishing his M.A. in Jewish Philosophy from Bar Ilan University where he received the Excellence award for education students from the Oaks Foundation. He studied for his rabbinic ordination at Kollel Torat Yossef in the Joseph Straus Rabbinical Seminary of Ohr Torah Stone. He participated in a training program for teaching Judaic studies in secular school during his undergraduate at Herzog Academic College. He also received a music diploma from Mizmor Music College in Givat Washington.

Atara is an English teacher at Ohr Torah Stone Oriya High School in Alon Shvut. She has studied Torah in both academic and seminary contexts at Herzog Academic College and Nishmat respectively. She has also received practical training for women as educators and spiritual leaders from the Claudia Cohen Institute of Ohr Torah Stone. Prior to teaching at Oriya, she was a coordinator at Amutat Bishvil, an organization serving lone Bnot Sherut, where she provided guidance for girls applying for National Service and organized events.