Shiurim Schedule

Chassidut for Skeptics and Mystics
Rav Ariel Fisher
Wednesday 5-6pm

In this class we will be studying the teachings of different chassidic masters in the original Hebrew, in an attempt to better understand their thought and explore its relevance to our lives. We will spend a significant amount of time on the teachings of Rav Nachman of Breslov (1772-1810) whose teachings and stories have been described as a precursor to post-modern Jewish philosophy.

Ten Responsa That Changed the Jewish World – Lunch N’ Learn 
Rav Ariel Fisher
Wednesdays 12-1pm

In this weekly class we will explore the most important modern responsa (legal rulings) in Jewish law and understand their impact on contemporary Jewish life. Topics will include abortion, military ethics, shabbat in the 21st century, women in halakhah (Jewish law), and kashrut in light of mass-produced food. This class will have texts in the original as well as translations in English. No previous Jewish study skills required for this class. Free lunch will be provided.

Talmud Bavli – Masechet Shabbat Perek Kol Kitvei
Rav Ariel Fisher
Mondays 7-8pm

In this class we will be studying perek “kol kitvei hakodesh” in the original text, a chapter which deals with the question of what can be salvaged from a burning house on shabbat? The class will cover topics including: what makes a text holy? How do we relate to non-Jews vis-a-vis keeping the shabbat laws? How do we relate to children in regard to the laws of shabbat? Previous study of Talmud recommended.

Introduction to the World of Midrash and Piyut
Bina Brody
Mondays 6-7pm

In this class we will be examining the weekly Torah portion in light of different midrashim (rabbinic interpretations). We will gain a new understanding of how Chazal understood and related to the Torah, as well as better comprehend the rabbinic approach to asking question and interpretation. We will also examine piyutim (rabbinic poetry and liturgy) written about each week’s parsha and see how the piyut form incorporated chazal’s midrashim into it’s poetic work. We will be reading all sources in the original.

Chabura in Gemara Masechet Gittin
Bina Brody
Wednesday 6-7pm

In this chabura (small study group) we will be studying the eighth chapter of Masechet Gittin (Perek Hazorek), a classic and much studied chapter of the Talmud which explores the laws pertaining to the giving of the gett (Jewish bill of divorce). We will meet once a week and study together from the Talmud, in order to gain and strengthen our skills in the study of this important corpus. No preparation required, however basic Talmud skills recommended.